The Steve Deveau Homepage

at least he's honest

-  Mary Richardson


After years of resisting, I have finally succumbed and created this homepage. I am not an exhibitionist by nature, so having a homepage is a bit out of character for me; except for the fact that I have been a computer nerd for over 30 years. I just could not put this off forever. So I am doing what everyone else does with these things; I am telling you a (very) little about myself, giving you a few links that are of interest to me, and one of these days I may throw in a picture or two of my cats. If you came here for fun, you are in the wrong place! Go away!

About me: I am from Swampscott (there is only one). Anything else about me that you need to know you can figure out from my list of links.


Let us hope we find some up there, cuz as Monty Python says, "... there is buggerall down here on earth."

The BSO / Pops (what I am listening to as I type this)

The world renowned Harrisville GrassCam!

My cross reference listing - pointers to some of my old habitats on the web.

My darling daughter.

The Cyberspace World Railroad

A few of my "published" RR Photos


And yet more culture

I am stretching culture a little thin, so let us call this one intellectual humor

Do not click this link. I warned you!

That is it. You get what you pay for.



April 30, 2006