The Environmental Monitor

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Here's a typical GrassCam picture:

That rather indistinct white round thing in the bottom left is the Environmental Monitor. Here's a decent picture of it:

Looks like a thermometer doesn't it? Indeed, if you add seven to the number at the red pointer, you'll get the approximate temperature in degrees faranheit. But it's so much more! The Environmental Monitor detects

The Grasscam's resolution is so poor that you would normally have trouble recognizing these indicatons. However, if you check the pictures at the links, you'll be able to pretty accurately deduce the conditions that the instrument is displaying.

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Sep 29, 2002

I haven't done any meaningful updates to this page since I first posted it, but things have happened. Earlier this year, I think, Emmi disappeared. I suspect that the roofers broke it and trashed it. So, last week, I installed Emmi2. In other words, the Harrisville GrassCam has won its second Emmi! Here's a closeup:

Only one problem - here's what it looks like on the GrassCam:

Kinda looks like a banjo fell out of a plane and landed neck first. I'll work on it next month.

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