Harrisville GrassCam Highlights

The first car. The GrassCam was running for over five days before it finally caught a car passing by.

The first car recognizable as such.

The first pedestrians.

The first downpour.

Woman and beast (Eileen and Doug) frolicking.


The 2pm time lapse. Six day time lapse taken at 2pm each day.


Snow. More snow. And then it got deeper, and deeper, and deeper. To top it all off, the snow blinded the camera.

The grass actually gets cut, once in a while!

The view of the GrassCam, as opposed to the view from the GrassCam.

Harrisville pond at dawn. Not the GrassCam, but I like the picture and it's nearby. Besides, the GrassCam's a bit dull, isn't it?

The Harrisville Public Water Supply, which has been on again and off again lately due to high bacteria counts. Again, not the GrassCam. You might think I'm begin sarcastic with such a grandiose title; I'm not. It's a term that New Hampshire Public Television used once about 20 years ago when they did a story that showed it. Of course, I like to think of it as the remains of the water tower at mile 42.36 of the B&M's Nashua / Keene line.

The GrassCam operator and a neighbor.

Every Tuesday at 4pm. This is a variation of the time lapse highlight above, except that this one covers a period of years instead of days. Like most everything else on this site, it's misleading since it does a few other days and times, and there are gaps, some of them quite lengthy.

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