Steve Deveau's cross references

This a page of cross-reference hints for old references on the web for which I have an interest, and which may have moved.  The theory is that if someone found something of mine on the 'net which had one of my obsolete email or web addresses, he or she would have no way of finding out my current addresses.  With this page in place, one can Google that old compuserve address of mine, for example, and come to this page to get my current address.  It's a nice theory.

It's my attempt to combat the problem of links on web pages failing because the pages they point to have moved.  It would be a more meaningful if I had any content anyone cared about.

Email addresses

My current email address is  Previous email addresses you may find which may refer to me are:

Web addresses

My current web address is  Previous web addresses that refer to me are:

Individual URLs is gone, as far as I know. replaced it, with most of the content removed.  Contact me for the rest.